Matthew Perry

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In the wake of Matthew Perry’s passing, the looming question surrounds the fate of Matthew Perry’s net worth, especially the earnings streaming in from “Friends.” Perry had accumulated a substantial fortune, totaling around $120 million, thanks to his successful Hollywood career.

The TV show “Friends” played a pivotal role in bolstering Matthew Perry’s net worth. At its zenith, he and the main cast were raking in a staggering $1 million for each episode. Just from his role as Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry earned approximately $90 million from his regular salary. And that’s not even factoring in the extra income from reruns, rumored to be between $10-20 million every year.

Matthew Perry’s showbiz odyssey began in his youth, carving a path through notable roles in sitcoms like “Second Chance” (later rebranded as “Boys Will Be Boys”) and guest appearances in series such as “Charles in Charge” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Achieving a significant milestone, his silver screen debut in the 1988 film “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon,” alongside the late River Phoenix, marked a pivotal moment in his burgeoning career.